The Alumni of Don Bosco Lonavla always feel welcomed and blessed to revisit the institute. It calls to mind fond memories of them as students and the impact the institute has had on them because of the Salesians and the Teachers of Don Bosco Lonavla. The origin of the Past Pupils Movement can be traced back to the moment when Don Bosco died and Charles Gastini (who was a member of the Oratory) told Fr. Rua: “Unable to build a monument worthy of the memory of Don Bosco we decided to form a federation and we wish to be a living monument dedicated to the memory of Don Bosco.” From the acceptance and application of Gastini’s proposal little by little throughout the world, the Alumni units were formed that testify to the efficiency of Don Bosco’s system which creates a tie of friendship that lasts a life time.

The organizational structure of the Association consists at the local level of the Union or branch: Unit or Group; at the Provincial Level: Provincial Federation; at the National level: the National Federation, and finally, the World Confederation. The World Confederation is divided into six major groups of which India is Group 5, comprising of eleven Far East countries.

Today Don Bosco Lonavla has a very committed team of Past Pupils who continue to be a part of this legacy. During the year they organize various activities like indoor football tournament, MISTAB (Maval Inter School Table-Tennis and Badminton) Tournament, Dance Competition etc. The purpose is to enhance the all-round development of the student.