Promoting a reading culture is a great way to get students engaged, and motivated to read. The Library has a collection of books that include classics, periodicals, magazines, science, social work, and humanities journals, fictions in English, Hindi and Marathi, career guidance books, etc. Study and reading areas are available in the library. The Library is designed by Fr Adolph Furtado who said , “The students must love reading, it is a priceless treasure and the only way to motivate them is to give them good books and create a perfect ambiance to read.” The aim is to  give the student a conducive environment to enhance their intelligence through the art of reading.


The vision of the English Literary Club is to instill, uphold and enhance the English literary skills in the student and give the student the necessary skills and confidence to use English as an effective tool in conveying one’s ideas.


Our school has a spacious computer lab which is State-of-the-art housing 120 computers so that each student gets the hold of the computer and instructions on a one-to-one basis. There is also a highly equipped Server Room which contains servers for  lessons and examinations from MyPedia, Detailed Assessment, Khan Academy and Moodle. The students are granted supervised access to the internet, thus fostering a sense of freedom and responsibility.


The Audio Visual Hall takes learning to a different level making learning interesting as well as enhancing skills in listening and grasping of material through power-point presentations, slides and other visual aids. With the latest JBL audio systems ad well designed lighting, care is taken to make sure that the students not only hear and see but also feel what is being taught.  The Audio-Visual Hall also aids the conducting of Elocution, Singing and Debates for the students.